Friday, August 19, 2011

Crazy Martians & Their Green Jello!

Does anyone out there ever have one of those moments where you are fully convinced that martians have taken your child's brain and left nothing but a sticky pile of green jello in its place?

If you aren't quite sure what one of those moments are then let me share with you a few...

The Top 5 Signs Martians Have Left Your With Child Green Jello

Reason 5: Your child is running around in circles in a public place while shaking his/her head up and down and making creepy sounds at the waiter or waitress.
Reason 4: Your other child is using his or her sibling as a diversion so they can eat whatever the people before you left sticking to the bottom of the table top. (Yep you guessed it, chewing gum)
Reason 3: While taking 5 minutes on an important phone call, your child has taken all of your lotion out of the container and covered their head, their arms, and your couch with all $14.00 of it.
Reason 2: While you are out shopping (that is if you are brave enough to take them out in public) your kids must talk to everyone about everyhting and anything that has to do with pooping in the potty (of course this is loud enough for anyone and everyone to hear in the entire store).
Reason 1: After buying brand new bedding for his or her bed your child may wake up at 3:30 am and decide that this is the perfect to smeer poop all over the new bedding, the walls, oh and while they are at it they might as well cover themselves in it too, you know, just for fun.

It's moments like these that make me go, "Why?!".

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