Monday, August 22, 2011

Mudslide Monday!

Welcome to Monday, or as I sometimes like to refer to it "Mudslide Monday". Have you ever noticed that anything that can go wrong will most likely happen on a Monday? Why is this? It's not necessarily those big "Uh oh" moments but rather those small ones. Man can those small ones add up fast! Here are a few of the sure signs that you are having a "Mudslide Monday".

Top 5 Signs That You Are Experiencing a Mudslide Monday

Reason 5: You have been up since 5 am and couldn't get back to sleep. This is all because you have two kids in your bed with feet and elbows in places that they don't belong (this morning it was my nose and ribs), all while your husband is "not snoring".

Reason 4: While trying to get breakfast ready and check your e-mails and fb msgs your kids decide its a good idea to play with the TV volume when you least expect it (this is the moment that you are taking a drink of your freshly made coffee so its still really too hot to drink but you do it anyway). Then you jump out of your chair spilling the fresh coffee all over you, your computer, and the floor. This happens all to the sound of Elmo's World.

Reason 3: After you clean up the floor, the computer, and then if your are lucky to have the time to clean up the coffee you've spilled on yourself, your mother will call you and then talk for fifty years about the Lord knows what all while you are attempting to catch up on your laundry (which you never will). While matching up socks (one of the things I hate the most in life) you discover that the sock monster that lives in your dryer is back and has made off with about 5 different socks so you now have 5 socks that will never see their mates again. Stupid sock monster! Why is it he can never steal good stuff like dirty dishes?

Reason 2: While out to eat for lunch (because you think it is safe to get out of the house for a few hours) your children suddenly turn into "those kids". Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. "Those kids" are the kids that make their parents wish they were dead in public, you know the ones that are climbing on the tables, throwing food on the floors, oh and my personal favorites the crier/screamers..Yep on Mudslide Mondays "those kids" are my kids.

Reason 1: While you are trying to clean a house you know will never be clean, your kids decide not to bother you with their desire to do an art project....Because of their thoughtful consideration, on your way to clean the kitchen floors your feet are greeted by their latest creation. This new trend in the art scene appears to be made up of an entire bottle of Elmer's Glue (which I didn't even know we owned), finger paint (thanks mom), flour form the kitchen, and Christmas glitter (the entire 3 containers of gold, silver, and red)..

It's only 1:07 p.m. and already it is a Mudslide Monday!

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